The manufacturing of chain-link fencing is called weaving. A metal wire often galvanized and/ or PVC coated to reduce corrosion, is pulled along a rotating long and flat blade, thus creating a somewhat flattened spiral. The spiral continues to rotate past the blade and winds its way through the previous spiral that is already part of the fence. When the spiral reaches the required pre-set length, it is cut at the blade end. Next, the fence is shifted up in order to take in the next spiral link.

The machine clamps both ends of the fence and gives them a few twists (twisting or knuckling) in order to make the links permanent. Our machines wind two wires around the blade at once, thus creating a double helix. One of the spirals is woven through the last spiral that is already part of the fence. This improvement allows the process to advance twice as fast, producing quality products keeping within the production schedule.

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