Our Gabion boxes & mattresses are manufactured from triple twisted hexagonal mesh fabric. All wires used in the fabrication of gabion boxes/ mattresses are hot dip galvanized as per BS 443/ BS EN 10244-2, and pass Tensile tests conducted in accordance to BS EN 10223-3:1998.

Gabion baskets are rectangular wire mesh boxes that are reinforced using heavier selvedge wire at the edges. They are assembled in the factory, folded and flat pressed under a hydraulic press, to facilitate easy storage, handling and transport. Tested wires are loaded on the pay-off side of the Gabion Machine. Wires loaded onto spools, and wire from preformed spiral coils loaded into netting tubes, are fed together into a rack and pinion arrangement that twist and pull the wires to form hexagonal shaped mesh of required size. The mesh formed is then coiled on the take-up side of the machine. Once the pre-set coil length is achieved, the machine automatically stops, and the coil is removed. The gabion sheet is then cut and assembled using selvedge wires and lacing wires to form the Gabion boxes of varying sizes, as per customer requirement.

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